Holistic Schools in San Diego

I’m so excited about the holistic schools in San Diego.  It wasn’t too long ago that just the words “holistic school” would be meaningless gibberish to anybody who heard it.  The world has come a long way the last few decades and I’m so proud.

I remember when I used to go shopping at Mrs. Gooches, which was one of the early predecessors of Whole Foods.  You felt like you were a pioneer on a space alien planet just because you were trying to buy some food that wasn’t full of artificial ingredients.

Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately, most of the holistic schools in San Diego are actually massage schools to start with, but have specialized in their HHP program.  If you don’t know what an HHP is, it’s a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, which is one of the most wonderful professions for somebody interested in getting into holistic medicine, who’s going to go to a school in San Diego.  We actually have a new naturopathic college, also.

I’ve hired over a hundred natural healthcare professionals in San Diego over the last 20 years of being in practice, so I have a good overview of what to look for, and what to look out for, when looking for a school.  One of the first and biggest decisions you have to make is if you really are planning on making a living off of this.  If you’re willing to face that harsh reality, you quickly realize that a lot of people with a holistic healthcare education don’t necessarily have regular jobs waiting for them at the end, and you need to be a bit of an entrepreneur to actually create an income out of it.

If you know what to look for, and your expectations are proper and not too exaggerated, you can create a great life for yourself as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, or any type of a holistic professional after completing your education here in San Diego.

I did a little write-up of things to look out for, and some of the schools that I recommend, as well as things to look out for as warning signs of some of the poorer schools.

So if you’re really serious at this point about getting all the information, feel free to take a look at my notes.  Just put your email address in below.  But a word of warning, though, and this is just my opinion, any information that I give isn’t necessarily what people want to hear.  People like to believe the education is going to be inexpensive, they’re going to be thrilled with everything, and they’re going to make a lot of money when they’re done.

Don’t get me wrong.  If you’re the right person, like me, spending a career helping others is much, much more important than any money you’ll every make, but I want to make sure you’ve got all the information up front, and that you’re not disappointed further down the road.

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