Massage Schools in San Diego

There are a ton of great massage schools in San Diego.  I was bummed that Barry of Body Mind College closed his school down because that was one of my favorites.  It narrows the choice down a little bit, but there are still a lot of really great options to choose from.  Personally, I have really enjoyed the students I have spoken to that have come out of the coastal schools meaning the ones that are closer to the water.  There are also some exceptional schools at some of the more medically oriented career colleges that are not on the coastal areas.

I think you will find that the coastal area schools tend to be a little bit more focused on the spiritual side of massage and the inland schools you’ll find are a little bit more focused on the medical aspects of massage, but with so many massage schools in San Diego there is literally something for everybody depending on the neighborhood.

There are a couple schools I’d look out for, but I never like talking badly about anyone.  A much better way to go about this is if you are looking at all the different massage schools in San Diego you need to have some sort of a system to evaluate them.  I don’t want to evaluate for you, but what I will do is since I am involved in the industry and I don’t want to necessarily tell you how because I don’t want anyone to think badly of me if I am saying something against their school, but I have put together some information to help you make a good choice of what the best school is for you.

There are so many massage schools in town there is definitely something for everyone.  Remember, massage school isn’t cheap and you are not necessarily going to make a million dollars a year getting out of school as a massage therapist.  In fact, unfortunately, some people make very little money at all.  So, the choice of schools you go to is very, very important.

If you pick the right school, not only are they going to teach you how to massage, but they can also help with your frame of mind in what it is going to take to go out and get clients and make money which either fortunately or unfortunately is a part of our life and we all need to address it and focus on it.

In the information that I give out to people it also helps point them in the right direction in evaluating which school they think is going to help them actually establish a career as a massage therapist and not necessarily just the school that is going to be the most fun.

If you want to see my guide to choosing a massage therapy school in San Diego, put your e-mail address in below and I will send it to you.  There is no charge for the guide and, in fact, I am not going to sell you anything.

I just do this because so many people keep asking me for this information.  So, I want to make it available, so you can make the best choice for you.  It is good for you and it is good for the schools because I don’t want the schools to get people in their school that don’t belong there.  I want you to pick a school that is best match for you personally.  Pop your e-mail address in below and I will send you the information I wrote up on how best to choose a massage school.

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