Massage Schools San Diego CA

The massage schools San Diego CA has to offer are exceptional.  There is a superb lineup of deep tissue schools, schools that are more Swedish oriented, places that do more Shiatsu-type training, and you can even get trained in Watsu in San Diego.  Watsu style is a fascinating Hawaiian style of massage that is actually done in a swimming pool.   Where else but in a San Diego CA massage school would you have the opportunity to learn how to do massage while in a swimming pool in a Hawaiian style?  Coconuts and grass skirts are optional.

There is such a diversity of massage schools here that it can be a bit overwhelming.  I know if I were looking for a new school in San Diego, there are at least a dozen very fine schools to choose from.  Some of the schools I’m not as excited about and some of them are just wonderful.  I don’t want to be disparaging to any of the massage schools here but I do like to point out advantages and disadvantages of some of the different ones and I’m very honest about it as I’ve hired over a hundred massage therapists over the years for our San Diego office.

If you’d like to get the write-up that I did on this, put in your e-mail below and I’ll send you a copy of the notes.  Please don’t hold me responsible one way or the other.  These are strictly my opinion and are not published, or in any way edited by the massage schools themselves.  Remember, it’s just my opinion.

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