Massage Therapy School in San Diego

I’ll cut right to the chase on this.  If you’re looking for a massage therapy school in San Diego, I’m one of the best people that you could ask about this.  I don’t own a massage school, but I have hired over 100 massage therapists in this area, and I’ve got a sharp mind and I’m not afraid to slice apart the good from the bad, and sort them into the right piles.

I never like to come right out and recommend one school over another, but for a given individual I am happy to recommend a school that I think would be better for you than another would be.  The whole trick in selecting a massage therapy school in San Diego is not to figure out if one is better or worse, but to find out what makes one better or worse for an individual.

I’ve met individuals who’ve gone to massage therapy school who never intended to make a dollar off of massage.  I’ve met other people whose biggest goal in life is to work in a prestigious clinic, and other people who don’t really care where they work.  They just want to make as good of a living as they possibly can for their family.

The choices that you have in areas like this, and the goals that you’re setting embarking on your career are going to make a big difference.  I’m sure most of the schools would like to tell you that they can fit all of these needs, but it’s just not true.  You can’t be all things to all people, but there is a school that’s the best one for you in the area.  It’s never possible to know for sure, but I’ve put together a list for you of statistics and questions to ask, and information – and also even some clues from different students who’ve gone different massage schools, that you can look through to start you on your path.

I highly recommend against making a rash decision.  I highly recommend that you read through this carefully to avoid making a mistake that could end up turning you off under the wrong direction for the rest of your life.  The little guide I wrote up doesn’t cost anything. I just give it out freely to people.

If you’d like to take a look at it, I’d be thrilled to give it to you for free, hopefully to help you avoid making mistakes that a lot of other people have made.

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