Massage Therapy Schools in San Diego CA

If you’re looking for information on massage therapy schools in San Diego CA, stop right here.  Most websites you’re going to end up on going to be websites where the schools are trying to sell something.  They are going to try to tell you that they got the best school and that this is the school you should go to.  The truth is no school can say that because everybody is different and no school is ever going to tell you, you shouldn’t go to their school unless, of course, possibly if you can’t afford it and even then they might still figure a way to get you in.

What I did was I wrote up a system for you for figuring out the best massage school, and no, I’m not going to try to sell this to you either.  I am giving it to you.  It’s just my gift.  I’ve hired over a hundred massage therapists in San Diego County and it wouldn’t surprise me if sitting in my office one day saying. “Hey, I’m the newest student that recently went to one of the massage therapy schools in San Diego CA.”  So to save us both a lot of difficulties and hopefully help you get on the right track to find the right school at the right price that’s going to deliver what you want and give you what you need to create the career that you’re after, I’ve taken the time to use my twenty years of experience hiring massage therapists and hearing their stories and knowing the business of natural health care to put together a little notebook for you that explains to you an excellent process to go through to find a good massage school.

I don’t want you just trusting the sales literature.  I want to give you the counselors, to ask the admissions people and even to go in and ask the teachers and students before you ever apply.  With this information in your hand and your notebook, you’ll be able to walk in and ask the right questions and go school to school.  You see, I wrote the questions in a way that if somebody tries to lie it’s very obvious and you can trust the answers they give you, check with the students, the teachers and if everybody lines up right, then you’ll know that you got the answers—the real answer and then you can look at the answers and I’ll walk you through how you can take the answers to those questions and apply them to figuring out which school you should go to.

All I need you to do is send an email and my computer system is set up to automatically instantly send you back the information on how to deal with the massage schools and how to sort through them and find the best one for you.  Just put your email address in below and we’ll send it right away.

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