Massage Therapy Schools in San Diego

There are quite an array of massage therapy schools in San Diego.  Ones that focus on a real, clinical, medical focus that would prepare you to work in a medical doctor’s office or possibly a chiropractor’s.  There are other schools that have a bit more of an independent bent for the therapist that is looking to  open up on their own and build up their own practice and be much more intuitive as I call it touchy feely crunchy granola-ish than the other schools.

Regardless of which one of the schools you choose to go to I feel that the state of the education and licensing has gotten to a point where the vast majority of the schools should be very adequate for the average student.  There are certain things that you will want to ask and certain things that you want to be aware of before you go and start at a massage school.  Remember, you are going to be spending thousands of dollars and a lot of massage therapists, to be quite honest, finish their education and don’t end up making any money.  I want to make sure you pick a school that is going to give you exactly what you want with a realistic expectation of your future.

One of the massage therapy schools in San Diego in particular that I am thinking of has a very strong Tai Chi background and has put out some extremely exceptional therapists.  Another one I am thinking of is extremely medical and clinical in its orientation.  For some people it has a huge effect where the school is located.  Although San Diego is such an easy to get around city, I don’t think you need to worry about that as much as the quality of the education and if the school has the style that you want.

What I’ve done is that I have hired over 100 massage therapists here over the last decade and I’ve really gotten to understand them better than most people I talk to — the real essence of what makes a massage therapist happy, the career paths the different schools lead you on, and what you can realistically expect.

I don’t like to be doom and gloom, but I also don’t want to paint it all rosy and perfect when it isn’t.   So, I wrote up my notes of what I have figured out and I’ve got it available for any person who is interested in helping them on their path to becoming a massage therapist.  It gives questions to ask the schools, questions to ask yourself, and also information about the different schools to help you differentiate.  If you like it, I don’t charge anything for it.  Just pop your e-mail address in and I will automatically send it to you.

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