Massage Therapy Schools

There are a lot of massage therapy schools in San Diego and to be honest with you some of them are better and some of them are worse.  As you know, if you made it to my site, I’ve been involved in natural healthcare in the area a very long time and know a lot about a lot of these schools.  To be completely honest, I think we have hired now well over 100 massage therapists over the years.

It is not that hard just by rumor and reputation to get the inside scoop on the different massage therapy schools in San Diego.  Some of the schools are focused more on the heavy-duty book learning.  They want you to know more of the science, anatomy, and more of a technical medical oriented massage.  Other schools are much more focused on things like energetic healing, Reiki, application of Tai Chi to massage and other things that fall outside of the normal standard world of western medicine and science.  I’m not going to say that one of these directions is right or wrong.  In fact, there are schools that are a nice blend of the two.  Personally, I veer more toward the middle of the road or medical direction, but who am I to say that these other things don’t work because obviously we’ve all had experience or seen people where they have received benefits from things that have not been proven by science yet.

I’m never afraid to give my straight opinion on things and that is why I wrote up the notes that I did to hand out to people and hand out to people that have studied under me when they have had questions about which school they should get advanced training in or even when people I know in the arena have asked me for which school they should go to in the first place.  With so many massage therapy schools in San Diego it is tough to run out of choices and unfortunately one of the best ones recently went out of business and that is too bad because it was a great school.  If you want a copy of my notes on this then please insert your e-mail below and I will send you a copy of the notes.

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