San Diego Massage School

I’ve put a lot of thought into opening up a San Diego massage school, but ultimately, in the end, my
decision was – even though I thought I might be able to do it better than the ones that exist, it’s so much
work, and the schools that already exist do serve the needs of the vast majority of students. If I was
looking for a place to go to school, I would probably pick a San Diego massage school out of anywhere
else in the country just based on the fact that the weather is so nice, it’s relatively affordable to live, and
it’s a very, very easy city to stay focused on health and to stay away from the other temptations of the

There are quite a few people who’ve asked me over the years which San Diego massage school I’d prefer
but the truth is, is I think that there’s a different school for each person that’s going to be best. Some of
you guys are looking much more for a nurturing, loving environment, and some of you are looking for a place
that’s more intellectually challenging. One person might be more concerned about the caliber of the
instructors, while another student is more concerned about the caliber of the students.

Some of the schools offer deeper training in anatomy, and some of the schools have a more loving,
interpersonal, therapeutic experience for the students. It’s not my place to try to tell you which one of
these is best for you. I do think it’s worth me taking the time and effort to convey the knowledge that
I’ve developed over the years whenever I’ve had to refer a massage school in San Diego to one of my
colleagues, friends, patients, or students.

If you’re interested to hear my viewpoint on this, enter your email address in below and I’ll send you the
notes that I’ve written up on the subject, and my notes highlighting the different schools in the area that
I believe in, and that I think are worth you taking a look at and why.

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