San Diego Massage Schools

San Diego massage schools have definitely blossomed over the last few decades that I’ve been here.  Unfortunately, we lost one of the great ones when Body Mind College shut their doors.  I really thought Barry did an extremely fine job on training massage therapists; in fact many of the best ones I ever hired came out of his school.

There are still so many fine massage schools in San Diego that if you’re really excited about going to massage school, you’re definitely going to find something that matches your interests.  The coastal massage schools have a really cool vibe to them; very casual, very grounded, and very intuitively oriented.  The schools that are further inland definitely have a different taste and flavor to them.  Since I’ve hired over a hundred massage therapists over the last 20 years, I’ve put together a little guide to help you guys out when you’re making this plunge to go into a school.  It’ll help a lot if you know if you’re going to be going toward an HHP, or if you are simply going for the basic license that will allow you to get out there and start doing work.

If you put in your email address in down below, I’ll send you out my little write-up I did of the different schools and the flavor of them that will hopefully give you a bit more information to make a good decision on which school to go to – or at least give you information on your massage school hunt that will get you started, and pointed in the right direction.

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