San Diego Massage Therapy School

If you live in San Diego massage therapy school is definitely an option as a way to make a living.  San Diego is a really easy place to live even if you don’t make much money which unfortunately a lot of massage therapists never get rich doing what they’re doing.  It’s very unlikely you’re going to starve to death in the streets or lying on the beach.  There’s lots of people with lots of generosity and it’s much more of a hippie-ish, communal type of town than just about anywhere else in the United States.

Massage therapy school is a great way to create that healing yoga crunchy granola atmosphere, so many of us love, which although I say that sarcastically it’s really a lifestyle filled with a lot of compassion, healing, understanding and love.

In San Diego massage therapy schools are by the dozens.  There are some of them that are better, there are some that are worse, in fact there’s probably a school for everybody.  Some of the San Diego massage therapy schools will match your personality and some of them wont.

What I did is I went through and made a little check list that you can go through to both evaluate who you are and also evaluate the schools and this even includes calling up the schools and asking them questions and also if possible meeting with students and teachers and asking them questions themselves.  It also has some tough questions in it you really should ask yourself to look to make sure a career as a massage therapist is really what you’re after, what you should be going after and make sure it’s something you’re going to be happy doing for your career.

Some people go to massage therapy school here in San Diego not just to make money but also for personal fulfillment and other reasons.  The write ups that I give will give you checklists and questions to go through to make sure you’re making a good choice and to help you figure out which one of the massage therapy schools here in San Diego is the one you should be going to.  Place your email address sin the box and when you click on it I’ll automatically send you this write up.  I’m not going to try to sell you anything.  I just want to help people find out the best school they could possible go to, then it would be up to you to make your own decision.


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